She Code Africa x Grow with Google Scholarship – Application Form | 500 Scholarship


She Code Africa x Grow with Google Scholarship – Application Form | 500 Scholarship

In an era where technology is paramount, opportunities to upskill and be at the forefront of the digital revolution are invaluable. She Code Africa, in a landmark partnership with Grow with Google and Coursera, has ushered in such an opportunity, specifically tailored for African girls and women.

This scholarship is a 5 months / 20 weeks Intensive program that offers you the opportunity to gain the job-ready skills you need to start or advance your career in technology, without the need for prior experience or a degree.

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By taking part in this program, you will gain access to community support from other learners and monthly check-in calls from the SCA team to provide you with a successful learning environment, as well as employability workshops to help you secure Internships are intended to help. After completing the program, you will be issued a professional certificate.

She Code Africa x Grow with Google Scholarship details.

  • 🌍 Organizers She Code Africa x Grow with Google & Coursera
  • 🛠️ Tracks Cybersecurity, Data Analytics, Digital Marketing, IT Support & more
  • 📅 Duration    5 months/20 weeks
  • 🎁 Benefits     Community support, employability workshops, career certificate
  • 💻 Requirements Working laptop, internet, completion within 5 months
  • 📝 Eligibility    She Code Africa community member, foundational knowledge in chosen track
  • 📌 Application      15-20 mins form, no progress saving, review before submitting
  • ⏰ Deadline    October 28, 2023

A Glance at the Scholarship Offering

This unique initiative offers a 100% scholarship to African females keen to elevate their skills in several burgeoning tech areas:

  • Cybersecurity
  • Data Analytics
  • Digital Marketing & E-commerce
  • IT Support
  • Project Management
  • UX Design

Beyond merely imparting knowledge, this 5-month (20-week) intensive program is meticulously designed to ensure participants emerge job-ready, regardless of whether they have prior experience or a relevant degree in the domain.

What Sets This Scholarship Apart?

She Code Africa x Grow with Google Scholarship Benefits

By partaking in this program, participants are set to reap a slew of advantages:

  • Community Support: Engage with a supportive community comprising fellow learners, which can significantly enhance the learning experience.
  • Monthly Check-ins: The SCA Team will host monthly check-in calls, ensuring a nurturing learning environment is consistently maintained.
  • Employability Workshops: These workshops will be instrumental in helping participants secure rewarding internship roles.
  • Certification: Upon successfully completing the program, participants will receive a coveted career certificate.

She Code Africa x Grow with Google Scholarship Eligibility

As enticing as the scholarship is, there are certain prerequisites to ensure it’s awarded to the most deserving:

  • SCA Community Membership: Being an active member of the She Code Africa Community is mandatory. Prospective members should note that the community membership review typically spans a week, and the application should be compelling enough to pass muster.
  • Foundational Knowledge: Proof of basic knowledge or skills in the selected track is required.
  • Tech Preparedness: Possessing a working laptop and consistent internet access throughout the program’s duration is non-negotiable.
  • Commitment: The ability to complete the chosen course within the stipulated 5 months (20 weeks) and availability for monthly check-ins are crucial.
  • Experience Level: Priority will be given to applicants who are beginners or at the entry or mid-level stages of their chosen tech tracks.

Ready to Apply She Code Africa x Grow with Google Scholarship?

If this scholarship resonates with you, ensure you:

  • Read All Instructions: Before diving into the application, thoroughly peruse all instructions to avoid any missteps.
  • Allocate Ample Time: The application might take 15-20 minutes, and since there’s no provision to save your progress, it’s advisable to set aside a dedicated slot.
  • Accuracy: Before hitting submit, review your entries to correct any typos or inadvertent errors.
  • Timeliness: The application should be submitted before the looming deadline of October 28, 2023.

For a deeper dive into what She Code Africa stands for and offers, visit the official She Code Africa website.

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