How To Get A Student Visa For Canada For Study In Canada


How To Get A Student Visa For Canada For Study In Canada

Do you want to know how to get a student visa for Canada or a student visa Canada immigration information? Do you want to Study in Canada on yourself funded or Canada scholarship? Due to a lot of fake Canada Immigration consultant companies, offering fake services of Canada Visa Consultants as well as a lot of incorrect information related to a Canadian Student visa is available on the Internet.

Generally, you must apply for a study permit before you come to Canada. Some people can apply for a study permit from within Canada. In some cases, you can apply when you arrive in Canada at the port of entry. Make sure you understand which option is available to you.

Once you get accepted at a university in Canada, you may have to apply for a student visa before you become an international student. In Canada, student visas are called “study permits,” and below you will learn everything you need to apply for one.

Canada is one of the world’s top study-abroad destinations. Thanks to its prestigious universities, diverse culture, and welcoming people, the number of international students in the country grows yearly, reaching over 300.000 in 2023. In fact, there are thousands of Canadian Master’s programs and Bachelor’s for international students on our website, Canada ranking third, after the United States and the United Kingdom.

In order to study in Canada, you will need to obtain a Canadian study permit, which serves as a Canadian student visa for the duration of your stay. You do not need a Canadian study permit if your course or program lasts six months or less.

What is a Canada Student Visa?

A Canada Student Visa allows the person who has it to start their studies in Canada. The visa for students is basically the same as a Canada Visitor Visa or an Electronic Travel Authorization (eTa), but the student also needs a study permit. So the Canada student visa is a combination of either a visitor visa and a study permit or an eTA and a study permit.

The Canada study visa will only allow you to start your studies in Canada at what are called Designated Learning Institutions (DLI). The study permit allows you to stay in Canada until your program ends and in some cases work while you are enrolled in school or work after you graduate. To keep the Canada study visa, you must fulfill these conditions:

  • Always be enrolled in a DLI.
  • Be working to complete your study program.
  • Meet the requirements of the student visa.
  • Stop studying if you do not meet the requirements of the student visa.
  • Leave Canada immediately once your study permit expires.

Applying for a Canadian study permit

  • You can apply for a Canadian study permit either online or through a paper application, which can be obtained from the Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) website.
  • The process for obtaining a Canadian student visa is as follows:
    You must first obtain a standardized letter of acceptance from a recognized higher education provider.
  • The next stage is to get a Canadian student visa application package, either from the CIC website or by contacting your local visa office, or the Canadian embassy or consulate in your home country.
  • In order to get your application package you’ll need to answer a few questions about yourself on the CIC website.
  • If you are found eligible, you will receive a personal checklist code, valid for 60 days, which you will need in order to submit your application online.
  • When you are ready to apply, create a MyCIC account, where you will enter your personal checklist code
  • Once you have your documents and application form ready and have paid your fees, you can submit your completed application to CIC.
  • Some applicants may have to attend an interview at their local visa office.

How To Get A Student Visa For Canada To Study In Canada?

Three main aspects that Canada and its academic institutions focus on are Research, scientific publications, and international collaborations.
Where do you want to study, and how will you get a study permit and student visa? You don’t need to find a student visa Canada consultant.

1 Get Your Acceptance Letter By Applying To A Canadian University

Before starting your Canada student visa application process, you need to decide where you want to study in Canada.

We have some Canadian universities to recommend:

  1. Brock University
  2. Seneca College
  3. University of Regina
  4. Wilfrid Laurier University
  5. Mount Allison University
  6. University of Alberta
  7. University of Toronto
  8. Trent University
  9. University of Waterloo
  10. McGill University

2 Check If You Really Need To Apply For A Student Visa In Canada

The official Canadian study permit tool can help you find out if you really need a study visa or permit.

Start For Canada Student Visa Application Process

Before starting, the question came to mind about Canada student visa acceptance rate, according to the information, Canada student visa acceptance rate in 2021,  there are about nearly 1.6 million first-time applicants from January 2016 to October 2021 is apply for Canadian study visas, and over 1 million students were approved for a study permit in Canada.

Follow these steps:

  1. Before you arrive in Canada, apply online for your Canadian student visa on the Citizenship or Immigration Canada (CIC).
  2. In case, you have a limited internet connection or cannot submit the documents online, send your Canada visa application documents by post.
  3. The student needs to provide an acceptance letter from a Canadian Government Recognized university recognized.
  4. Prove that you have enough financial means to support your education throughout your study period in Canada or cover Canada student visa total expenses including your stay and education.
  5. You must not have a Criminal record.
  6. Submit your complete health report that proves your good health. You also need a student visa for Canada health insurance during your study in Canada.

According to recent Canadian visa rules, if one of your family members working or applying for a work license in Canada, the application process for your study permit will complete in just two weeks. You can also apply for a student visa Canada extension or renew your study permit if:

  1. Your study program has extended
  2. You shift to another university
  3. You further wish to study at a Canadian university

#4 Arrange All The Canada Student Visa Documents Required

  1. Before start, you must need read the checklist for Canada student visa.
  2. Firstly, fill in the student visa Application form.
  3. Letter of acceptance from Canadian universities recognized by their government.
  4. A valid passport with at least two blank pages is not necessary if you live in the USA.
  5. Two passport-size photographs (s), with name and date of birth mentioned on the back.
  6. Proof of enough financial means to support your education which becomes 10,000 and 11,000 CAD per year.
  7. A letter of resolution.
  8. You will need a Certificate Acceptance du Québec, English and French translations of your document, a statement from the translator, and a certified copy of the original document if you are planning to study in Quebec.
  9. The next step is to pay Canada student visa fees. The 150 CAD is the Canada student visa cost / Canada student permit fee.

#5 Language Requirement(S) For Canada Study Visa

The next question that came to your mind is what are Canada student visa IELTS requirements? English language skill is not included in the documents required for the study permit application process unless you come from a non-English speaking country. In all other cases, Canadian universities will demand you an English language proficiency document. Accepted language tests are:

  1. IELTS Academic
  2. PTE Academic
  3. C1 Advanced

#6 Biometric Appointment And Interview Schedule

You might have to show up at a Visa Application Center in your country to have your metrics taken depending on your Nationality. 

#7 Time Is Taken By A Canadian Study Permit

Next, we want to answer about your question about student visa for Canada processing time. It is usually faster, but a Canadian study permit can take up to 90 days after applying for it.

8 Scholarships In Canada For International Students

There are thousands of Students searching for Scholarships for International Students in Canada for their bright future. You are in the right place, Different Canadian Universities, organizations, and the Canadian Government offer Canadian scholarships for International Students. Every year thousands of Students avail Undergraduate Scholarships, Masters Scholarships, Ph.D. Scholarships in Canada.

Do I Qualify for a Canada Student Visa?

To be eligible to apply for a Canada Student visa and permit you must fulfill the following conditions:

  • Have a valid acceptance letter from a Designated Learning Institution (DLI) with this information:
    • An official letterhead of the school.
    • The program and degree you will obtain.
    • The amount of tuition fees you must pay.
    • The start and finishing dates of the program.
  • Be at least 18 years old to apply as the primary student visa applicant and your children who are under 18 years old cannot apply alone. So, if you have a child who wants to attend primary or secondary school, you must apply on their behalf.
  • Have a clean criminal history and submit court documents to prove it.
  • You must fill and sign a Visa Application Center (VAC) Consent Form.
  • You must submit copies of your current immigration status in another country or in Canada.
  • Prove that your stay in Canada is temporary and that you will return to your home country once your studies are over.

How to Apply for a Canada Student Visa?

Here’s how you can apply for a Canada student visa as a third-country national:

  1. Register online for your application.
  2. Prepare the required documents.
  3. Fill out the application form.
  4. Pay the required visa fee.
  5. Submit your application.

Register Online for Your Application

Canadian immigration authorities have stated that all visa applications must be submitted online via the immigration website here. The first step you must complete is open an account— ensure you have a valid email address ready. After you open an account, follow the instructions of the application process that will guide you through each required step.

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