Google Free Online Courses | Grow with Google | Google Career Certificates


Google Free Online Courses | Grow with Google | Google Career Certificates

Free courses from google for the most important areas of the labor market 2023 | It will change your life and your future Google Career Certificates.

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Details of the Free Courses from google Initiative (Grow With Google)

Google has launched educational paths under the name “Google Career Certificates” that provide the basics of many fields for people to study, and then be able to work their first job as an entry-level job and then gain experience.

The track consists of about 7 courses, and Google says that each track can be completed in 6 months, with an average of 10 hours of study per week.

Features of free courses from google:

Google plans to use these paths to solve this problem:

  • It reduces unemployment in the world.
  • It helps people who are unable to enter a university.
  • Bridges the gap between study and experience.
  • In these tracks, there are projects that the student will work on.
  • Google is offering 200 thousand of opportunities for a need called Apprenticeship.

Free Google courses for the most critical areas of the labor market.

Available free fields from google:

  • Project Management.
  • IT support.
  • Data Analytics.
  • UX Design.
  • Android Development.

Link to courses and details here.

Free Course Social Media Marketing

Data analysis study path free from google:

  • Google says there are 15,000 data analyst jobs available in America.
  • Those who are starting their jobs average about $ 63,000 a year.
  • This track consists of 7 courses.
  • It will take you to enter the world of data analysis and learn everything that helps you start your first job.

Link path data analysis

Project Management Path free from google:

  • According to the statistics of the Project Management Institute.
  • By the year 2027, about 2.2 million jobs will be available in project management, and Google says that the 6-course track.

Project Management Path Link.

UX design path from Google:

  • Google says that the salaries of user experience designers are expected to increase to 82 thousand dollars annually.

UX Pathway Link.

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Google IT Support:

And Google here will give you a choice between two things:

  • If you want to learn the field of IT from scratch, you will learn everything about its basics from networking to operating systems and more in 5 courses dedicated to teaching you everything.
  • Or if you are a practitioner of this field, they have another track consisting of 6 courses.

They focus on teaching you Python, and they talk about how to use automation in your work, in only 6 courses.

IT path link

Android Application Programming Path:

Google says that you don’t need to have any programming background to get started.

This is a non-track course, only 3 units are available, and the rest is under development, you can start with comfort, the course is interactive and fun as usual with Google courses.

Android apps link

How to get free Google certificates:

Watch this video to know the steps to get these courses and a certificate from Google for free instead of paying money.

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