Atlantic Fellowships Program  in USA


Atlantic Fellowships Program  in USA

The Atlantic Fellowships program in USA at George Washington University offers fellows a unique opportunity to expand and deepen their understanding of and knowledge of health equity in the United States. The fully-funded leadership program in the United States is designed for all those young leaders who are working hard to resolve health disparities and who are aware that having a strong health workforce will benefit humanity.

Atlantic Fellowships Program  in USA
Atlantic Fellowships Program in USA

The Atlantic Fellowship Program is a fully-funded leadership opportunity that will provide you with an all-expense in the USA to grow your capacities for both professional and personal development. You will be immersed in cutting-edge health research, policy, & practice at top U.S. universities; be introduced to leaders from the health equity field; gain public exposure through various media outlets, and have access to a unique global alumni network.

The Atlantic Fellowship Program 2022 is an exceptional opportunity for national and international people to expound their knowledge about health equity. The fellowship program will be held in the USA. It is a fully-funded leadership program, focusing on a healthy lifestyle without discrimination along with considering the connection between society and economic growth


1. Know Disparities:

Become familiar with fundamental issues related to health disparities, such as racism and racial inequality among health care professionals.

2. Combat Inequity:

Initiate and implement participatory strategies for addressing health-related inequities facing organizations, communities, and societies.

3. Build Leaders:

Developing personal leadership skills through empowerment enables individuals to make a meaningful contribution to organizations and communities.

4. Create a Network:

Establish a network of leaders around the globe who work in diverse organizations and promote health equity within and outside of those organizations.

Atlantic Fellowship In USA 2022:

  • Country: United States of America
  • Host University: George Washington University in Washington, DC
  • Program Dates: June 2021 – April 2022
  • No. of Participants: 20 fellows
  • Deadline: May 1, 2022

How to Apply for the Atlantic Fellowship in USA 2022? 5000 Toronto

• The candidates have to apply online.

• In case you are head of your own organization, you can have a reference letter from one of the board of directors of your organization or the person in the same field but in another organization.

• The candidates have to provide employment or professional details and all the required data correctly.

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