BBC Course to learn English language for the advanced level


BBC Course to learn English language for the advanced level

The advanced level consists of 30 units, each unit is divided into 5 sessions or chapters, which we will briefly explain in this article.

The division of the unit in the level into 5 classes:

BBC Advance Lessons:

In it you will learn a few tips to help you learn and use the relative non-specific sentences where the relative non-specific sentences are considered a friend of the speaker.

News review:

In it, you will learn how the global media is interacting and the words they need to talk about the story.

Lingo Hack:

Stay up-to-date with the latest news and understand it too with Lingo Hack. Listen and watch BBC World News original and learn essential words and phrases to help you understand the news.


9 uses of “time”: You will learn new vocabulary and learn 9 different ways of using the word “time”.

Tim’s pronunciation workshop:

In which you will learn the pronunciation of words that end with the letter / T / and follow words that begin with the letter / P /.

The second unit is entitled Grammar, News, Vocabulary and Pronunciation:

This unit is divided into 5 chapters:

  1. Advanced lessons from the BBC.
  2. News review.
  3. Lingo Hack.
  4. Vocabulary: 7 uses of “the word light.”
  5. Pronunciation workshop given by Tim.

The first units in BBC course:

The units from the second unit to the thirty-first unit are concerned with teaching the recipient a wide range of vocabulary and teaching pronunciation rules.


In the third unit:

You will learn 9 uses of the word Run as well as the pronunciation of the letter S / when it comes at the end of a word and another word begins with the same letter.

In the fifth unit:

You will be able to use the word look / in 11 different ways and see what will happen when the word ends with the sound / ɔː /, such as “law”, and the next word begins with a sound / ə /, such as “and”?.

In the sixth unit:

Contains many features, the most important of which is knowing 9 uses of the word / stand /, during which you will learn about the hidden pronunciation or what is called In the English phonetics term as / Schwa /, which is symbolized by the following symbol / ə /.

Study of the times in the eighth unit:

The eighth unit of the BBC course for advanced users provides an understanding of the nine uses of the word / sound /, And since you are at an advanced level, the eighth unit is not only limited to the aforementioned, but also deals with the reasons that lead the letter / N / in some cases to be pronounced as a letter / M /.

Future tense:

The tenth unit is concerned with the continuous future, how it is formed, and what are its uses and implications.

Rest of the units go over to introduce you the mistakes that native speakers can make.

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