CRIES Summer Internship Program 2022 USA


CRIES Summer Internship Program 2022 USA

The CIRES Summer 2022 USA Research Program is a paid summer research internship program open to undergraduate or graduate students interested in the research areas of the NOAA Global Systems Laboratory.

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The goal of the CIRES Summer Research Program is to give interested students a research experience at CU Boulder and the NOAA Global Systems Laboratory.

Students with a variety of scientific and technical backgrounds can explore environmental or geosciences and learn more about how their skills can be applied to societal needs.


  • Up to 11 students will be accepted into the Summer 2022 program. Students will be paid to conduct environmental and geoscience research activities with CIRES and GSL scientists.
  • Undergraduate interns will receive $750/week over 10 weeks (May 23-July 29) and graduate student interns will receive $1500/week over 12 weeks (May 23 – August 19) paid biweekly.


  • US Citizen or a Permanent Resident
  • Attend an accredited university or college as an undergraduate or graduate student (can plan to graduate in the spring semester and plan to attend a 4-year University or attend graduate school in Fall 2022)
  • willing to make a full-time commitment for 10 weeks (40 hours per week) for an undergraduate experience or 12 weeks (40 hours per week) as a graduate experience.
  • Also, be able to complete program requirements as a fully remote experience in Summer 2022.
  • no requirement of prior research experience
  • students can also apply despite their GPA

Details CRIES Summer Internship 2022 in the USA:

Host Country:


Host Partner:

  • NOAA
  • Host Institute:
  • CIRES (Cooperative Institute for Research in Environmental Sciences).

Host University:

  • The University of Colorado Boulder.

Internship Duration:

  • The summer internship duration is 10 weeks for undergraduate students and 12 weeks for graduate students.

How to Apply for the CRIES Summer Internship Program 2022 USA?

  • The applicants have to apply online through the official website of the University of Colorado Boulder.
  • The applicants are required to fill in all the required fields.
  • You are required to mention the city you wish to reside in during your internship tenure.
  • You need to mention the area of study.
  • You need to write 200 words essay expressing your potential for the internship program.
  • You should mention any other course or certification, not written on your transcripts.
  • The supporting documents should be uploaded.
  • The forms of recommendation should be uploaded. The forms should be filled up by the persons familiar with your academic or research background.
  • You will receive an email once you complete and submit your application.

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