Free Course For Beginners From BBC To Learn English


Free Course For Beginners From BBC To Learn English

Completely free course from BBC to learn English language.

Benefits of the course:

First: BBC radio to teach English is one of the best platforms for teaching English in an easy, simple and freeway in most cases.

Second: After committing to it, this course will help you to improve your English significantly and for free as well.

What is the BBC course content?

This course is one of the best courses you will find at this time. It is divided in a very organized and organized way into 30 separate units in an excellent way.

Each unit contains five lessons, and discusses a specific and important topic that helps in learning the language. And for each of the units you will master a certain part in the language.

Units of the course:

The first unit (question method):

  • This course is suitable for intermediate and lower than intermediate levels because it starts from the beginning of the language.

The second unit (present simple and present continuous):

  • You will learn how to write phrases and use the present simple tense and the present continuous tense.

The third unit (using the word I like for preference and description):

  • The third unit of the free course provided by the BBC in which you will study the word “love”.
  • You will learn to use this word singular and plural.
  • You will learn to use this word to help you when giving some descriptions.

The fourth unit (the use of daily repetition adverbs):

  • The fourth unit of the free course from the BBC covers an important issue, which is the daily routine.
  • You will learn some simple rules to help you use it right and never use it incorrectly.

The fifth unit (Christmas every day is “a duty” and “a must”):

  • In this unit, you will learn about the differences between those two words.

The sixth unit (past simple tense):

  • You will discover the use of the past simple tense and how to express it in affirmative and negative sentences and ask some questions related to that.

Does learning English help you in your career?

  • of course learning English is going to help you in your career by offering hundred chances of job opportunities.

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