HP Free Online Courses With Certificate


HP Free Online Courses With Certificate

Empowering Everyone, Everywhere to Learn the Skills They Need for a Successful Future.

Our programs and partnerships enable people all over the world to bring their dreams of economic independence to life.

About HP Life:

HP LIFE is a global training program available both online and offline via Learning Equality’s Kolibri platform. HP LIFE gives people all over the world the opportunity to build skills for the future

About Our Courses:

We collaborate with our partners and HP experts around the world to create highly relevant, business-focused courses that are free to use for everyone, everywhere.

Courses are available in Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Hindi, Portuguese, and Spanish.

The Courses:

On the site there are 5 courses, each course includes a number of mini-courses. You will learn many skills in each course.


  • The art of sell fundamentals of selling.
  • Marketing Benefits vs. Features.
  • Effective business websites.
  • Unique value proposition.
  • Social Media marketing.
  • Your targeted audience.
  • Selling online.
  • Setting price.


  • Basic of financing.
  • Sales forecasting.
  • Finding funding.
  • Profit and loss.
  • Cash flow.


  • Business communication.
  • Effective presentation.
  • Effective leadership.
  • Business email.
  • Present data.


  • Updated customer relationship management.
  • Energy efficiency. Do more for less.
  • Managing contact information.
  • Inventory management.
  • It for business success.
  • Maximizing capacity.
  • Hiring staff.

Startup / Innovate:

  • Growth engine for your business.
  • Starting a small business.
  • Social entrepreneurship.
  • Strategic planning.
  • Success mindset.
  • Design thinking.
  • 3D printing.

What are you waiting for start learning and join hundreds of thousands of learners just like you who are using HP LIFE to improve their IT and business skills.

  • 200+ countries and territories all over the world.
  • 340,000+ active learners and growing.
  • 1 Million + online courses taken in seven languages.

Good luck.

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