How to add financial aid on Coursera to your course | step by step | international students


How to add financial aid on Coursera to your course | step by step | international students

You always see those free online courses with paid certificates from the best educational platform ever Coursera, and you don’t have enough money to get the certificate with the free course.

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Here I am going to teach you this easy way to overcome this small problem step by step with photos to get the certificate with the course.

first step

First you to see if the course has financial aid or not because there are a lot of course that does not contain this feature you will see as in the photo ” financial aid available ” click on it.

In second step they will ask to continue for applying to course, click on continue to the application as in the photo above.

third step

Here they will ask you to copy this sentence in the box below I agree to the terms above please copy this sentence and click on continue as in the photo.

They will ask you some question please read the question carefully before answering them, they will ask you about your annual income please answer as same as in the photo.

fifth step

In this section you have to answer those question in form of an assay please copy my professional essay to guarantee accepting you financial aid asking.

Everything between quotes you should change it:

Why are you applying for Financial Aid? (150 words minimum required)

Hello, my name is “your name” and I live in “your country”, the country in development. I’m applying for Financial Aid for the course “Course name” because I do not have any special source of income and I don’t earn enough money and I can’t afford the full tuition at this time of my life and career. Receiving Financial Aid for this course will help me get valuable knowledge in “write your career name like machine learning”, and I searching for a job from a long time for earning money for taking this course, and i not find yet, and the time goes on, and receiving financial aid will allow me to focus on my studies and by taking it to allow to take off a paid internship and can take another course in machine learning path. I want to invest in my career and my education, but at this moment I can only invest my time to increase my knowledge and advance in my career and not the money. Hopefully this will change in the upcoming years because I’m ambitious, I want to increase my programming knowledge and new technologies, I’m eager to work and to advance in my career.

How will taking this course help you achieve your career goals? (150 words minimum required)

I have a solid background in “math and algorithms and problem-solving skills”, so I eager to learn “machine learning” and that’s the course the first step to me to making good projects that help the humanity for an easy life and solve the big problem. My main career goal is to learn every day, I really want to learn and to progress in my career. “Programming” requires constant learning and improving, taking a course can help me advance in my knowledge.

I plan on gaining additional skills by taking related classes and continuing my involvement with a variety of professional associations and I noticed that there a lot of company provides in internship and jobs in the related filled, and I would certainly be interested in taking it and improving myself to be on of the pioneer of “machine learning and deep learning.” There are many opportunities in this field that the candidate can join but must have good knowledge to join these opportunities, so I see that this course with good tutorials and exercises to join me in the world’s largest companies and creativity in this area

If you answered no, please help us understand why?

Because there are a lot of developing countries the average rate of income is low and not enough personal needs for home so it isn’t enough to get paid courses, and we need a lot of free courses for learning and improving ourselves and help the humanity and society.

They will tell you that your financial aid application for finance for everyone decision is approved. You to wait two weeks they will inform in your email.

Good luck.

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