Free Programming course for beginners: The 6 Most Powerful Courses


Free Programming course for beginners: The 6 Most Powerful Courses

Programming course for beginners: The 6 most powerful free courses to learn the basics of programming and coding

Programming is the language of communication between you and the computer because it is the language in which you can give commands to the computer, and also this language is symbols and numbers that are written in the form of codes.

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Most important programming languages:

Programming has several languages ​​to communicate, such as our multilingualism as human beings

These languages:

  • Python
  • Java script
  • C
  • C# C Sharp
  • Java
  • Ruby

Devices that accept programming:

If you look around you will find many programmable devices such as:

  • The computer
  • The Mobile
  • The robot
  • PlayStation
  • The X box
  • TV
  • Some modern cars.

Programming is used to create applications and programs on various devices, and other than that, programming is considered the profession of the future, which you can rely on as a source of income.

Programming course for beginners: the 6 best courses

1- A programming course for beginners provided by the Edraak platform:

This is an online course with a certificate to learn programming from scratch presented by Edraak, one of the most famous platforms, by a certified lecturer. It is presented to give you the first steps that you must take to enter this field.

It builds your ability to think computationally, write a programming language and solve problems.

2- Free programming courses offered by the Pluralsight platform:

This online course with a certificate is accredited and includes courses and basics of computer programming by learning the most important branches of programming in courses divided according to each branch separately and these sections are as follows:

  • Solid principles
  • Data structures
  • C++
  • OOP
  • C programming language
  • Algorithms

These terms may seem a little strange to you, but do not worry, this course will introduce you to everything adequately and in clear and consistent steps. This course is presented with a certified certificate.

3- A course to learn programming from scratch for free, provided by the Coursera platform:

Learn programming from scratch

It is a free online programming course with a certificate as a great start to learning the basics of programming, in a very clear and simple way. Besides, it gives you steady steps to take toward learning, and it also has an excellent rating of 92%.

4- Learn programming from scratch, a course provided by the global Udacity platform:

This is an online programming course with a certificate provided to take you on a journey from zero to teach you programming through languages

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Python

In addition, it gives you the ability to apply what you have learned from writing codes, coding classes, programming languages, solving problems, and web development courses.

5- Programming course for beginners provided by Google Skills:

Free online programming course

This is an online certified programming course provided by Maharat from Google to introduce you to the most important programming codes that we use, in addition to defining how and how they exist in our daily lives.

6- An online programming course for beginners from the EdX platform:

Programming course for beginners

This online course with a certificate from Harvard University is specially designed for beginners in the field of programming, as it provides them with the basis for practicing programming from Harvard University in a flexible manner, in addition to the fact that the free computer course includes teaching programming and presenting the most important things that any beginner needs to learn programming.

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